From colorful nature to the graphic city, our journey after the Yukon Road ended in Downtown Skagway with the discovery of the buildings from the Gold Rush. Luckily for us tourists, the fire did not destroy the city. As a result, most of the original buildings still stand like the Red Onion Saloon. In addition, we stopped by the Gold Rush Cemetery and the “Railway built of Gold”.  What a throwback in time! Continue reading “Skagway”

OctoBOO, Celebrating Halloween in L.A.

Can we rename October the Orange month? You won’t enjoy fall foliage in Los Angeles (oui oui) but everything else is turning orange for the month: groceries, houses, theme parks… Halloween is celebrated on the 31st and you’ll spend an entire month to appreciate it. Continue reading “OctoBOO, Celebrating Halloween in L.A.”