OctoBOO, Celebrating Halloween in L.A.

Can we rename October the Orange month? You won’t enjoy fall foliage in Los Angeles (oui oui) but everything else is turning orange for the month: groceries, houses, theme parks… Halloween is celebrated on the 31st and you’ll spend an entire month to appreciate it.2546403856212908714

I didn’t celebrate Halloween back in France, however, since I moved to the United States, it’s a totally different story. Indeed Halloween celebration is HUGE here, you can’t miss it!

This year again, we delighted in a few festivities starting with the always delicious and surprising Pumkerluck #Pumpkin Party hosted by my BF Emily. I was scared to death at the Warner Bros Horror Night, terrified walking through my Neighborhood Decorations, and petrified during my Work Halloween Contest. Yes, October Boo hashtag OctoBOO was really intense!


Pumkerluck #Pumpkin Party

For 7 years in a row, my BF Emily hosted a Pumpkin Party. The concept is amazing: each guest comes with a pumpkin dish. Then you become a jury testing all of them (yes ALL!) and voting for your favorite in each category (Entrée, main plate, dessert, beverage). Every year the contest is incredibly delicious and food creativity unbelievable.

Feta Pumpkin Seeds cups – Photo credit: palinkashots.com

The funny thing is that my pumpkin food was basically limited to a pumpkin soup in France. This party propelled me – literally – into the color 3D pumpkin universe. The only limit is your imagination. See for yourself: pumpkin ice cream, pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin pizza, pumpkin risotto, pumpkin ravioli, pumpkin rhum… Sorry, I can’t list all of them, but as a French food lover, I promise, it was DELICIOUS!


Every year I’m bringing a French touch to this contest (What a surprise, right?). I previously baked pumpkin crepes and pumpkin madeleines. This year I bake a pumpkin tiramisu. It was tested and approved by the jury!

Pumpkin Cheesecake Snickerdoodle – Photo credit: palinkashots.com


Neighborhood Decorations


You can be surprised how people can be creative in regards to Holiday decorations. That’s why it’s always entertaining to walk through neighborhoods and discover front yards fully ornamented. Below is a short picture selection of my favorite houses.


World Series 2017  – Go Dodgers!

Warner Bros Horror Night

Experiencing Halloween in a studio is incredible! We did Universal Studios the years before (absolutely crazy scary), so this year we experienced Warner Bros Horror Night (Thanks, Irma!). WB is hosting this event for the second year and it was great. Our evening started with the Conjuring House, continued with a night horror tour in the lot, “IT” maze, and ended with Freddy. In between, we enjoyed Stage 48 and animations around the gazebo: makeup, Gremlin’s house, etc.

Personally, my favorite maze was IT because we were following Georgie in the house and the maze was frightening. The conjuring was also really good especially knowing that all the decoration came from the original movie set.




It seems that Freddy is frightened by my Oscar-to-be scary face!

Work Halloween Contest

Photo booth and Halloween cookies

Every year my company hosts a Halloween event. It’s a real carnival with a costume contest, flash mob, a lot of animations and sweet food like popcorn and cotton candies. You can compete as an individual or with a team, show up on stage, and be elected best costume of the year.

My costume was inspired by a great champion Michael Phelps. I was the personification of my company’s new product during the L.A. 2028 Olympics. In case you’re wondering, all the medals are mine, courageously won during a 5k or 10k. Yes, someone asked me if I bought them on Amazon…

Even if I didn’t step onto the podium, I had a lot of fun, was cheered by my amazing colleagues, and, cherry on the cake, made people laugh!

My cheerleading squad


And you what did you do on Halloween?

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