10 of My Best Attractions for L.A Visitors

Does it feel like Los Angeles offers too many attractions that it’ll be a miracle to visit all in your one week vacation? I faced this problem as my family and friends came to visit through the years. I happily became a temporary vacation planner and realized it is a conundrum as the town offers so many options for city lovers to nature addicts. In today’s post, I’m listing my top 10 attractions I would recommend to anybody who wants to capture the City of Angels within a week!

#1 Venice

In my opinion, Venice is one of the best places representing California vibes. From a quiet and fancy neighborhood located in the canals to a trendy and hipster place to eat or shop on Abbot Kinley Boulevard. From an animated sportive area with Muscle Beach and other playgrounds to relaxing and chilling atmospheres on the boardwalk. Everything is condensed and amplified in Venice. A MUST SEE! 08c81d6a-499b-4b1f-b106-a62c2cf37922.jpg

#2 Watch a Sports Game (American Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey…)

Have you ever experienced a sports game in the United States? Well, it’s unbelievable, it’s an amazing game time! The crowd is energized to support their team, the ambiance is festive and chilling, cheerleaders and bands entertain with qualitative performance, and interludes offer a window to honor veterans or associations. In addition, it’s a unique experience to discover American sports like the American Football or appreciate worldwide recognized league like the NBA.

Whenever you’ll visit L.A. you’ll find a sport to watch as calendar seasons are overlapping. For example, when the baseball season is over, the NBA is starting. Perfect timing!

American football – USC University game at the Coliseum.


#3 Griffith Observatory and Griffith Park

Because Los Angeles is a large urban city, a green escape is always welcome. Hike over one of the most popular grounds for Angelinos in Griffith Park or appreciate the view from the Griffith Observatory. From there the 360-degree skyline is splendid: you can see from downtown LA to the Pacific Ocean and the Hollywood sign.IMG_20170129_135443032_HDR

#4 Hollywood Sign

One of the most iconic representations of Los Angeles is the Hollywood Sign. You can photograph it from various location, but I’m sure you’re looking to the closest one, right? Protected by a fence, you can’t actually touch the letters however my favorite closest locations are:

  • Lake Hollywood Park. This grass field offers a direct scenic to the Sign, perfect for a picnic or relaxing time with a view.


  • Hike to the Sign for a different perspective and see it from behind. There are a lot of trails from experienced hikers to beginners, you’ll need a couple of hours to reach it. Magic view at the top!


#5 Santa Monica

Santa Monica is the landmark for the end of the Route 66.  Walk along the mythic Road leading to the Pier and its attractions like the amusement park or the aquarium. Continue with a downtown stroll on the 3rd street promenade for a dining and shopping experience.IMG_20170513_160717063

#6 Getty Center

The Getty Center is one of my favorite museum in Los Angeles. This free hilltop museum offers a panoramic view, a refreshing garden, remarkable exhibits and superb architecture. A pleasant and cultural afternoon to schedule! IMG_20160618_193224725_HDR

#7 Hollywood Studio

Hollywood is made here, inside famous studios located in Los Angeles. Moviegoers and TV shows fan, explore this universe visiting one of the studios like Warner Brothers, Paramount, Universal, etc. Jump behind the screen to discover production and filming process with the backlots and sets, accessories, costumes, soundstage, etc. During your tour, find out Hollywood secrets!IMG_9030

#8 Downtown Los Angeles

Broadway, one of the oldest streets of Los Angeles, hosts numerous historic buildings. Its New York atmosphere will surprise you as it’s such a contrast with the rest of the city. Among the must-see, I recommend to enter the Bradbury building, to gaze at the Million Dollars Theater, eat at the Grand Central Market, and take a (really) short railway with the Angels Flight.


#9 Hollywood Boulevard

Here are the stars of the city, deployed and shinning on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. From the entertainment industry, fictional or real stars are celebrated by a circular gold plaque framed into a pink star. The 2.600 + Stars are spreading along 15 blocks on Hollywood Boulevard, a long walk right?! Sideways the Boulevard, don’t miss famous historic places like the Chinese Theater, El Captain, the Egyptian Theater, and the Pantages Theater. IMG_05742


The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) proposes large art collections and numerous events over the year like the summer concerts. Enjoy also the museum outdoor sculptures with the iconic lampposts (Urban lights by Chris Burden), and the granite rock (Levitated Mass by Michael Heizer). Don’t miss LACMA’s surroundings with the La Brea Tar Pits showing animals trapped in the muck from millenniums ago.

Urban lights by Chris Burden

Ready to check your Los Angeles bucket list?

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