Hike Inspiration Point at Will Roger State Park

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A historic place and scenic views. Inspiration Point at Will Roger State Park is a short hike offering panoramic views over Los Angeles, Santa Monica Mountains, and the Pacific Ocean.


– Distance: 2,1 miles (4,2 miles for the loop)

– Difficulty: Easy

– Time: 1:15

As it was my first time at Will Roger’s State Park, I spend a few minutes discovering Will Roger’s Ranch (Will Roger was a famous Hollywood actor in the 30s). It includes a large house (closed during my visit), a stable, a polo field and riding rings.


First, I observed a polo game (they are held every weekend from May to October). Then, I walked along the Will Roger’s home grass field until I reach the stable.

Polo field

The trail starts beyond the stable. As you’re going up the hill, you will quickly distinguish the polo field, Pacific Palisades, and the Ocean.


The view continues to expand to the entire city and Santa Monica Mountain.

Look at Santa Monica Mountains and its different trails navigating through this arid vegetation. 

20200620_172006_HDR (1)

And then Inspiration Point. The view over Los Angeles (you can see Downtown), Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica, and the ocean is amazing. It was cloudy but well it is a panoramic view with a sweet breath from the Pacific.


There are benches to relax and enjoy.


Finally, I went back using the same path but you can continue the trail to do a loop.


Article based on my hike in June 2020.

Address: Will Rogers State Park Rd, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272


– Park open from sunset to sundown

– Parking: 6 per hour (The parking is limited and I didn’t see any street parking)

– Grab water, hiking or tennis shoes, and sun cream.

– Limited shade and no water station at the top

– More information http://www.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=626

Ready to hike Inspiration Point?


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