Hike Bronson Caves

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Bat cave, rocky quarry, and movie sets. The Bronson Caves is a short and flat walk offering panoramic sights over the Batman cave, a historic quarry, and the Hollywood Sign.


– Distance: 0.4-mile loop

– Difficulty: Easy

– Time: 0:30 hour

The trail starts just before the last parking lot. The walk is easy and fast. Hence, I recommend combining it with a hike at Brush Canyon.

Start the 0.2-mile ascent to join the entrance of the cave.

Did you know?

Bronson Caves have been a popular filming location for Western and Science Fiction movies and TV shows like Star Trek.

Enter the mouth of the cavern and watch out for bats. The man-made tunnel is short, and there are two exits to join the other side. Surprisingly, the tunnel appears longer and more impressive on the screen. It’s due to the angle of the filming.

Did you know?

It is Batman’s hideout from Batman TV show (the 1960s) with Adam West.
The rock quarry and the Hollywood Sign
The rock quarry

On the other side, you will see marks of the previous quarry. Indeed, from 1903 to the late 1920s, the site was a large rock quarry operated by the Union Rock Company. They crushed rocks to supply street construction in Los Angeles and railways.

Another highlight of this walk is undoubtedly the Hollywood Sign. Enjoy the view over the famous letters. [To Hike the Hollywood Sign, check my article here]

The Hollywood Sign

Did you know?

Bronson Caves are named after nearby Bronson street.

Finally, retrace your steps to access the parking lot.

Bronson Cave

Address:  Bronson Caves, 3200 Canyon Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90068

Article based on my hikes in 2017 and 2020.

*COVID-19 update as of October 2021*

  • Please wear a mask and practice a physical distance of 6 feet between yourself and others.
  • Please check L.A County’s health and safety protocols before your walk


– I recommend hiking early morning to avoid heat

– Park open from 6 AM to one hour after sunset

– Parking: Free limited parking.

– Grab water, hiking or tennis shoes, and sun cream

– Limited shade and no water station

Ready to hike Bronson Caves?

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