Stars in LA: the Soccer World Cup Fever by Rolande and Mathieu – Part 3

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Champions du monde! On Sunday, July 15th, 2018, the young Frenchmen soccer team wrote history winning the World Championship in Russia. Every four years, soccer fans follow this epic competition worldwide. Among them, Angelinos and LA travelers rooting this year for surrogate teams or underdogs as the USA didn’t qualify. Bilda, Anton, Karen, Rolande, and Mathieu – to name a few of them – followed intensively this tournament. Between surprises, deceptions, and faith, they all pictured their teams brandishing the ultimate trophy: the FIFA World Cup.


A pinch of History

  • The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) was created on May, 21st 1904.
  • The 1st FIFA World Cup ™ was staging in Uruguay on July 1930.
  • Brazil records the most victories winning five World Cup and highest participation (20 times!)
  • In 2006, the FIFA “Big Count” established that more than 265 million people play soccer worldwide including 26 million women.


Here is part series 3 of 3: Mathieu and Rolande for team France


Sunday, July 15th, 8 AM PT was the D-Day for Rolande and Mathieu. The day of the finals. France vs Croatia.


French native, Rolande and Mathieu were both super excited and nervous as it was the third time in the French soccer history that men achieved this stage of the competition. The first time, back in 1998, the team won 3-0 vs Brazil during an epic game. The second time, in 2006, they lost after prolongations during penalty quicks versus Italy.

Photo by Dorian Hurst on Unsplash


20 years. 20 years since the first stars on the French jersey and a chance to gain another one this year. The tension was palpable, especially as Croatia was a challenging and determined team with talented players. Nevertheless, one of the French motto is: “Impossible n’est pas francais.” [“Impossible is not French”]

For the ambiance and energy, Mathieu watched the game in a bar surrounded by his American and French friends, along with many Croatians supporters. He was holding his French flag enthusiastically especially during the second half at the end of the game was imminent.



Rolande escaped Los Angeles for the weekend but was thrilled to be at the Fan Zone in San Diego North Park. She met, connected and interacted with a lot of French, Croatian and American supporters while enjoying the game. The crowd was cheering “Allez les bleus” [“Go blue”] and every goal makes people jump from joy. Rolande made her lucky rooster plush (i.e the rooster is the symbol of France) sang “Cocorico” several times, especially as she was interviewed and photographed by TV and local newspapers.

Photo by Dorian Hurst on Unsplash


Rolande and Mathieu were overjoyed as the whistle indicated the end of the game (France scored 4-2 versus Croatia). French supporters were jumping, dancing, singing in French “On est les Champions!” (We are Champions!). Intense joy. Purely. Indescribable. Total.

Bravo les gars!




Congratulations to the French team and thanks to all teams and players for this incredible competition.

See you in four years!

Which team did you cheer on? Share in comments!


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