Inside “Icons of Style – A century of Fashion Photography, 1911-2011”

The new photography exhibition at the Getty museum surveys fashion art from 1911 to 2011. Originally, fashion photography was designed for consumerist purposes: advertising and consumption in magazines. This exhibit gathered pieces from the Getty collection, public and private loans to explore this specific art.

Here is a look at Icons of Style exhibition:

  • A century of fashion

It was interesting to see the fashion art evolved over a period of 100 years. Aesthetic embraced political, economic and social changes. The exhibit is segmented into ten different periods starting with 1911-1919 and ending with 2000-2011.

Black-and-white Vogue cover, 1950, Irving Penn.




  • A range of materials and icons

Over 160 photographs, as well as magazine covers, costumes, videos, and more, are on display. There are renowned photographers, fashion designers, and models, but also less public-known professionals.

Stephanie, Cindy, Christy, Tatjana, and Naomi, 1989, Herb Ritts.


  • Highlights 

Beverly Johnson for Vogue

The August 1974 American Vogue issue was historic for the magazine. For the first time, an African American model, Beverly Johnson, was featured on the cover. By highlighting a new beauty standard, Francesco Scavullo opened a door. Within a year, fashion designers collaborated with a lot of African American models.

Beverly Johnson, Vogue, August 1974.


Tom Hintnaus for Calvin Klein

In 1982, the American photographer, Bruce Weber, shot an underwear advertising campaign in Santorini, Greece. He pictured Tom Hintnaus, a two-time Olympian swimmer wearing only a Calvin Klein underwear. For the first time, a man was sexualized for advertising.

Fun fact: this ad caused traffic on Time Square (New York).


Plan your visit

  • On view from June 26th to October 21th 2018
  • Location: 1200 Getty Center Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90049, États-Unis
  • Admission: Free
  • Ask for a free audio guide.
  • Duration: I spent 2 hours to discover it.
  • Parking on site: $15 ($10 after 3pm).
  • More information available at


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