Hike the Hollywood Sign

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Reach the Stars hiking one of LA’s most iconic letters: the Hollywood Sign. This hike offers panoramic views over Los Angeles (including Downtown), the Griffith Observatory, the Pacific ocean, and Burbank (Studios Disney and Mont Sinai Memorial).


– Distance: 3,9 miles

– Difficulty: Moderate

– Time: 2:00 hours

I hiked and ran to the Hollywood Sign a few times since I moved to LA using different trails. For the first time though, I followed this paved road starting after Lake Hollywood Park. It is the Mt Hollywood Trail.

20200804_110410 (1)
Mulholland Drive

I started at Lake Hollywood Park walking up Mulholland Drive until Ledgewood Drive and Mulholland Drive intersection (be cautious: the street is narrow and with a lot of traffic on weekends).

Ledgewood Drive and Mulholland Drive intersection
Last houses on Mulholland Drive

Continue on the left, pass the last houses, and start the sandy trail.


The beginning is flat and you will continue to see houses below. At the end of this first section, there is a gate. There is a narrow passage on the left to enter the park.

narrow passage on the left of the gate

The left path is leading to a large area next to the Tyrolian Tank (this is a large water tank). It’s a good spot for pictures.


Take the right path to start Mount Lee summit ascension.

The road on the right is leading to Muholland Trail and the Griffith Observatory

The scenic will change as you are going up: Los Angeles, Griffith Observatory, and Burbank.

Griffith Observatory and DTLA

You’re almost there when you can easily see the antenna. Only a few more meters uphills before reaching the Sign.

A fence is protecting the 12 letters but you can take pics through it. The best shot will be atop the hill tough.

Hollywood Sign’s fence

The top of the hill is a small area with a tiny sort of bench.

Top of Mount Lee

You made it atop of Mount Lee! Enjoy this 360° panoramic view.

9AM at the Hollywood Sign, the cloudy Los Angeles is waking up.

Downtown Los Angeles
Lake Hollywood
San Fernando Valley
20200804_102016 (1)
20200804_101826 (1)

Finally, I went back using the same path. If you’re looking for additional adventure, explore additional trails like the Cahuenga Peak or Burbank Peak.

Hollywood Reservoir
Parking next Lake Hollywood Park

Article based on my hike in August 2020.

*COVID-19 update as of February 2021*

  • Please wear a mask and practice a physical distance of 6 feet between yourself and others
  • Please check L.A County’s health and safety protocols before your walk

Address: Hollywood Sign, Los Angeles, CA 90068


– Park open from sunrise to sunset

– Parking: street parking at Lake Hollywood Park, otherwise it’s a permit parking residential area.

– Grab water, hiking or tennis shoes, and sun cream.

– Limited shade and no water station atop Mount Lee.

– More information https://hollywoodsign.org/hiking-to-the-sign/

Ready to hike the Hollywood Sign?

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