A perfect day in Halifax, Nova Scotia

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Explore the “City of the Firsts” and “riches from the sea” with a memorable tour through Halifax’s natural landmark and monuments. Glimpse into Halifax’s military and maritime history and discover Peggy’s Cove, a rural fishing community.

A pinch of History

  • Originally, Mi’kmaq people named Halifax Harbor “Chebucto” (Chief Harbor).
  • In 1749, Colonel Edward Cornwallis led the 1st European settlers in the Harbor.
  • Halifax is located mid-distance between North America’s West Coast and Europe (Halifax-Victoria = 2,785 miles and Halifax –London = 2,881 miles).
  • Halifax is the 14th-largest city in Canada.

  1. Peggy’s Cove, the rural community

Like many artists and photographers, will you be inspired by the idyllic Peggy’s Cove?  Enjoy the sights during the scenic drive to the fishing village: a one-way road through peaceful forested areas and some habitations. Once there, stroll the cove: walk around the iconic village and its quaint shops, visit the 1914 lighthouse and climb the rocky landscape surroundings. Definitely a charming, fresh and pleasant discovery.




  1. The maritime tragedy: Fairview Lawn Cemetery.

Honor the memory of Titanic’s victims, the famous vessel which sank on April 14th, 1912 during her maiden voyage. Among the 2,200 passengers and crew members, 1,500 perished. Halifax, the closest major port from the incident, sent life rescue and brought back 209 bodies. Fairview Lawn Cemetery, the world’s largest burial ground of Titanic’s victims, is the resting place of 150 people.  A simple area gathers the small gray granite markers. Some stones indicate only the date of sinking along with a number as many victims were non-identified,.



  1. Halifax Citadel National Historic Site, the military heritage.

Explore the early 19th– century British Royal Navy Fort history with a guided tour (free) and numerous exhibits on-site. Never attacked, the citadel was a strategic defensive fortress for more than 200 years. Symbol of Halifax, it now offers a panoramic viewpoint of the city, many interactive and fun activities for all: special exhibits, family programs, birthday party packages, and much more.




  1. Waterfront, the maritime legacy.

Step back into maritime history with Canada’s immigration museum on Pier 21 (Canada’s point of entry for immigrants from 1928 to 1971) and the maritime museum of the Atlantic (exhibit on the Titanic including many artifacts).


Admire one of the world’s largest natural harbors strolling by the waterfront. Appreciate the numerous outdoor sculptures and enjoy multiple shopping and dining options from this dynamic and touristy area.





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