The enchanted Christmas Lights in Los Angeles

Los Angeles shakes my typical Holidays celebrations. From snow to palm trees, from Christmas lights in the Champs Élysée to the Zoo enchanted lights, or from “Les Grands Magasins” of Haussmann boulevard to neighborhood lighting my traditions changed but the Christmas spirit remains. Among all the winter and Holidays activities the city offers, I would like to focus on the Enchanted Christmas Lights displays. Here are a few of the locations I visited this year: the LA Zoo night lights, the Americana, the Christmas Tree Lane,  and Wakefield Court.

The Christmas spirit under the Californian palm trees is truly magic! Be ready for this magical lighting tour, eyes popping and jaw-dropping guaranteed!


L.A. Zoo Night Lights


During the Christmas season, the L.A. Zoo hosted night lights. While animals are sleeping, the zoo is converted to an illuminated and fantastic land. For two hours, we explored approximately a third of the zoo walking (actually other parts are closed). The night was sweet as we discovered the multiple displays: the twinkle tunnel, the blue forest, the wild wonderland, the glow frogs and much more.



Our tour ended by listening to a fantastic group singing A Capella. The Christmas spirit was instantaneously spreading as the Christmas songs went on. I joined the group by whispering the lyrics in French. Maybe that’s the reason why not lot of people stopped by to enjoy the group…. Ouch sorryyyyy 😉




The Americana in Glendale


The Americana, an outdoor mall located in Glendale, will glow for weeks. Next to the central plaza and its fountains, threes are covered with yellowish light bulbs creating a fairy atmosphere. Santa is settling in a cute red house, ready to take pictures with little angels. Outside, there is a post box with direct delivery to the North Pole so don’t forget your letter!


Illuminations are really magic here and, as you walked, Christmas songs are completing this perfect atmosphere.




Christmas Tree Lane in Altadena


I drove by this area with friends expecting fully decorated houses. Well, the charm of the Christmas Tree Lane lies in a boulevard of multi-colored lighted cedar trees. Along those centuries’ trees, some of the houses are decorated. We went at night (obviously!) and traffic was almost null. It was perfect to navigate slowly and to enjoy the decorated houses. Apparently, there are no sidewalks, so be cautious if you want to walk by.



The Wakefield Court in Santa Clarita


An entire neighborhood is transformed into a Christmas Wonderland: the Wakefield Court in Santa Clarita. It is a long street, ending on each side with a cul-de-sac. Each house is highly illuminated and decorated with a different theme. To enjoy the show you can either drive through or walk by. I recommend doing the later to really delight details of decoration and be transported by the Christmas spirit.

IMG_20171209_222355 (1)IMG_20171209_225006

Owners are tailgating in front of their garage with friends: karaoke, dinner table, fire pit and long chair. What a chilling and friendly atmosphere! This is a very welcoming neighborhood, perfect to have a good time with family and friends. I really like this intimate place, full of good and authentic Christmas vibes.








Sounds like an enchanted lighted tour?


  • For L.A. Zoo Nights, the tickets are cheaper during the preview days.
  • Malls organize lights opening night, show and crowd guaranteed.
  • Some events will last until the beginning of January, perfect to enjoy Christmas a little bit longer and to avoid the masses.
  • Some neighborhood shut down the lights after 10pm to keep it quiet at night.

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