Experience of a lifetime, the World Series at the Dodger Stadium by Jacob

“It’s time for a Dodger Baseball…” Jacob grew up listening to Vin Scully broadcasting baseball games, wearing the blue L.A. cap and going to the Dodgers Stadium.

So, when the Dodgers made it up to the first World Series since 1988, it was a lifetime opportunity that Jacob couldn’t miss. [In 2017, the Dodgers (Los Angeles) were defeated by the Astros (Houston) four games to three during the championship series].


Program for the World Series – Photo courtesy of Jacob


Q. Jacob, what is your first memory about the Dodgers?

Jacob: My parents took me to Dodger games growing up. I remember bringing my glove and hoping a ball getting hit to us. We were sitting pretty up high though so I think the odds were low. Years later, I had relatives that had season tickets on the field level too, we would go to the game early because sometimes players would sign autographs for kids. No one big name ever, and I still played with the glove players signed, so, unfortunately, it didn’t last past childhood.


Q. How did you feel when the Dodgers qualified for the World Series?

Jacob: I was ecstatic. It’s the first time they’ve made the series in my living memory. For years, they’ve made playoffs but never made it past the second round. Dodgers had a great season (up until the August slump, the news was calling them “The Greatest Team EVER?” so felt like this was finally going to be our year. It’s on my bucket list to go to game one of the World Series. Since the Dodgers finally made it, and game one was scheduled to be in LA, I knew I had to go.


Q. This World Series was an emotional roller-coaster, how did you live this special week?

Jacob: In addition to going to game one, I watched every game at sports bars with people. I’ve never watched every World Series game, but this is my team, so had to do it. It was a great series, went to seven games, and I enjoyed each one of them. The wins of course more. The series was ours to lose, and unfortunately, we gave it to Houston, so it was pretty tumultuous watching the games we lost. I was frustrated seeing Houston win off the Dodgers mistakes, and except for a few bad apples pitchers the team did outstanding. Game 5 was the best though, with all the lead changes and extra innings.


Q. Can you talk about being at the Dodger Stadium for game 1 with your dad? What it means to you?

Jacob: I always wanted to go to game one. There’s more pageantry. The President throws the first pitch (not every year, and this was Trumps first year as President, he chose not to). The only other game that’s better to be at would be the final game in my opinion, but it’s hard to predict unless its game seven.


Q. Tell us more about your experience! How was the game, the ambiance, the Dodgers fan? Did you feel a special energy?

Jacob: Everyone is really happy to be there. Only die-hard fans would pay World Series prices to see a game. The lines were long for everything. I tried to buy souvenirs for people but gave up, I would have missed several innings for things you can buy online. I did buy a program! It’s a great atmosphere though. People belted out “Take me out to the Ball Game.” They did a great National Anthem with a huge flag brought out by the troops too. Two men sitting next to me had tickets to all seven games. They were from Houston and had flown out for each one. I was amazed they were that dedicated of fans.


Q. Which has been like the “aha!” and “wow!” moment?

Jacob: Game 5. One of the best games I’ve ever seen. It was in Houston. The final score was 13-12, Houston, The lead changed several times (I think 5) and scoring was back and forth. Both sides burned through pitchers. It was exciting and wish every baseball was like it.


Q. Any prognostic for this season?

Jacob: It’s not looking good, as of writing this, the team is behind several games and struggling. But its only April, Turner will be back soon, and baseball is a marathon sport, so plenty of games left to play. I believe the Vegas odds had Dodgers still best to win the series for 2018.

2017 World Series, Game 1 – Photo courtesy of Jacob



What is the World Series?: The World Series is an annual championship of Major League Baseball (MLB). Two finalist teams compete in seven games. The trophy goes to the team winning four games during the series (not necessarily consecutive).

Final result for 2017 World Series – Dodgers vs Astros


Thanks Jacob for sharing your experience and Go Dodgers!



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