Plan your trip to Nuqui

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Looking for uncrowded Palm tree beaches, luxuriant jungle, and preserved environment? Book the next flight to Nuqui in the department of Chocó, Colombia! Here are some tips to prepare for your next vacation!

Where is Nuqui?

Nuqui is a village located on the Colombian Pacific coast.


Nuqui is accessible by plane or boat (it is a roadless region). From Medellin, it will be an hour flight in a small airplane (20 passengers in addition to the two pilots). As Nuqui is a small airport, flight traffic is limited.

Note: Check the baggage weight policy before your departure as it’s limited to 10kg for the check-in luggage and 5kg for the handbag (and they weighed us before embarking). If you have extra pounds, verify the commercial flights. You will have to pay the extra weight (~ $1 for 2 pounds) and expect a delay to receive your bag.

Private boat to reach Termales

Once you land in Nuqui, you’ll have to take a boat to reach one of the smaller surrounding villages.

Note: I experienced some flights delay, boat and luggage issues during this trip. Prepare to be patient, you are on vacation in Paradise!

It’s a journey to access this preserved coast!

Stay healthy and safe.

Before you go, check the latest Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations (CDC) and talk to your physician. For my trip, I especially follow up on recommendations related to malaria and yellow fever. In prevention, I also prepared supplementary medicines.

In addition, I drank bottled water, avoided ice, and ate cooked fish/meat and peeled fruits.

 I didn’t experience many bug bites during my stay. However, I wore long long-sleeved shirts and pants, plus I used mosquitos repellents (sprays for skin and clothes).

I used mosquitos repellents hiking in the jungle

Where to Stay in Nuqui

There are a few options available online or locally: Airbnb, hotels, or renting a room with locals.

Our Airbnb

I stayed in a beautiful Airbnb located a few feet from the beach.

Where to eat

There are a few local businesses (restaurants/bar/coffee/bakeries) in Nuqui and the surrounded villages. Grocery stores are limited and small. We degusted meals from a local chef de cuisine during our stay. She came to our AirB&B to prepare lunch and dinner around fresh local products: fish, plantains, local fruits, etc. It was the best to discover local and homemade dishes.

Bakery in Termales
Home made meal

Activities To Enjoy

  • Watch whales’ migration from July to November.
  • Experience sea sports: surf, kayak, snorkeling, etc.
  • Hike the tropical jungle to the Quatro Encantos (The four Springs).
  • Relax in natural hot springs
  • Go fish with locals
  • Enjoy a sunset
  • Stroll the black sandy beaches
Natural hot Springs in Termales
The Quatro Encantos

What to pack/wear

  • Expect a warm & humid climate with tropical rain.
  • Bring bug repellent
  • Don’t forget your beach outfit: suncream, sunglasses, swimsuit
  • Travel light and with a backpack

Tourisme Department Tax

As soon as you land, a Tourism Department employee requests a 30,000 Colombian pesos tax. It applies to all foreign tourists. There is a small office outside the airport for additional information about the region.  

A few more tips before your visit

  • The currency is the Colombian pesos. $1 is approximately 3,760 Colombian Pesos.
  • Bring cash as there is no ATM in town.

Ready to visit Nuqui?

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