Inside “State of the World”

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Discover a new temporary outdoor street art exhibition in Los Angeles Art District. Art At The Rendon and SO|DA Architecture collaborated to showcase 11 artists to raise awareness about specific topics like black women, health care workers, and climate change.

Here is a look at ” State of the World .”

  • AFRIKA47 and Keya Tama – Tumwi

Artists AFRIKA47 and Keya Tama manifest climate change, exploitation of indigenous people, and modern-day colonialism.

They embody a Mursi tribe warrior. Global warming is causing water shortage, and land conflict for this nomad tribe. Besides, the Ethiopian government expulsed them from their ancestral land to lease it to a Chinese sugar cane plantation.

  • Jose “Prime” Reza – People

Artist Jose “Prime” Reza represents LA’s diversity and melting pot. The freeway junctions and street maze illustrate different neighborhoods, ethnicities, and religions. The vibrant colors indicate the richness of these differences.

  • Ernest Doty – Strength in Emotion

Artist Ernest Doty values black women: their energy, strength, and power.

  • Augustine Kofi – I am because we are

Artist Augistine Kofi shares a “ubuntu, a Southern African philosophical concept of shared humanity. The idea is that the pain of one is the pain of all. […] In 2020, COVID is he great unifier and the great divider. […] We all need to care for each other so that we can heal together.

  • Darcy Yates – Ode to our Health Care Workers

Artist Darcy Yates celebrates and honors health care workers who have been working tirelessly during this pandemic. He dedicated this mural to his mother, an RN for more than 41 years. The first photo she sent during this pandemic inspired the character at the top of the mural.

  • The Couto Brothers – We are not a monolith   

Artists The Couto Brothers highlight the political and cultural diversity of Latino and Hispanic Americans. The term “Latino” is too reductive to encompass diverse ideologies, identities, values, and beliefs

  • Nychos – Realization of your own Greatness

Artist Nychos encourages you to look inward to find your happiness and greatness.

  • LOVEYODREAMS – Maize God Deity

Artist LOVEYODREAMS pays a tribute to people who cultivate our foods. He represented a jade Olmec mask, a symbol of the maize deity.

  • Brian Ormond – We Walk The Same Streets
Brian Ormond – We Walk The Same Streets

Artist Brian Ormond gives his voice to homeless people. Los Angeles estimates that 66,436 people live in the street, which has probably increased due to the current economic situation. Show empathy, donate, volunteer, or give a smile. You don’t know how people lose their home: COVID-19, loss of a job, divorce, abuse, etc.

  • Atlas

Article based on my visit in March 2021

*COVID-19 update as of March 2021*

  • Please wear a mask and practice a physical distance of 6 feet between yourself and others
  • Please check L.A County’s health and safety protocols before your walk

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2 thoughts on “Inside “State of the World”

  1. Très belle expo de street art, Marie.
    Merci pour cette nouvelle découverte instructive culturelle et pleine de couleurs.
    A très bientôt


    1. Y.A.
      Un grand merci pour votre retour. Je suis ravie que vous ayez apprecie cette exposition de street art. Quel plaisir de partager ces decouvertes culturelles!
      En esperant vous retrouver tres vite sur le blog pour de nouvelles explorations dans la cite des Anges.

      A tres bientot


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