Stars in LA: the Soccer World Cup Fever by Bilda – Part 1

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Champions du monde! On Sunday, July 15th, 2018, the young Frenchmen soccer team wrote history winning the World Championship in Russia. Every four years, soccer fans follow this epic competition worldwide. Among them, Angelinos and LA travelers rooting this year for surrogate teams or underdogs as the USA didn’t qualify. Bilda, Anton, Karen, Roland, and Mathieu – to name a few of them – followed intensively this tournament. Between surprises, deceptions, and faith, they all pictured their teams brandishing the ultimate trophy: the FIFA World Cup.


A pinch of History

  • The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) was created on May, 21st 1904.
  • The 1st FIFA World Cup ™ was staging in Uruguay on July 1930.
  • Brazil records the most victories winning five World Cup and highest participation (20 times!)
  • In 2006, the FIFA “Big Count” established that more than 265 million people play soccer worldwide including 26 million women.


Here is part series 1 of 3: Bilda for team Argentina

Guatemala native, Bilda grew up watching soccer tournaments like World Cup and Copa America with her father. She always enjoyed these special and precious moments with her dad. What she loves the most during these international tournaments is the special connection, interaction, and fervor between people and countries. Today, she is sharing the same passion with her teenage daughter.

During this tournament, Bilda was rooting for Argentina and other America teams. Cheering for Argentina as a surrogated team was evident for her as her daughter is half Argentinian

Photo by Tom Grimbert on Unsplash

Argentina vs Iceland (Group D) was the game Bilda enjoyed the most. Argentina had no choices but win (or tie) this game to exit the group and step up to round 16. Prognostics forecasted Argentina as the leader of its group composed by Croatia, Iceland, and Nigeria. Doubts and fears arose when Croatia defeated Argentina (3-0). The game vs Iceland was crucial for Argentina and supporters like Bilda were nervous but confident. She was tense for 90 minutes watching the underdog team challenging her favorite. It was intense! Finally, Argentina qualified with a tied game: 1-1.

Credit Photo by Tom Grimbert on UnsplashKazan Arena, Казань, Russia

On June 30th, Bilda stayed at home to watch the round of 16, France vs Argentina. More than a soccer game, it was a cultural event for Bilda. She gathered her family for a special Argentinian breakfast including “Facturas” (pastries) and others typical food like “tostados.” Bilda was joyful and grateful to watch this game with her family delighting in and sharing some Argentinian local traditions. [For your information, Argentina exited the competition after losing this game against France] Desole Bilda!

Photo by Tom Grimbert on UnsplashKazan, Russia

Next? Bilda will attempt a really special game for her dad’s birthday in Los Angeles. The Coliseum will host Guatemala vs Argentina next September [A portion of the sales tickets will support Guatemala for the volcano’s eruption on June 2018]. Bilda is so thrilled to go with her dad and daughter. For this game, she will root for Guatemala and her daughter for Argentina. What a special and unique family moment and soccer game for Bilda and her family!


Congratulations to the Argentinian team and thanks to all teams and players for this incredible competition.

See you in four years!

Which team did you cheer on? Share in comments!


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