Inside “Arte Para La Gente, the Collected Works of Margaret Garcia.”

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First solo exhibition for Chicana artist Margaret Garcia. Discover colorful portraits and neighborhoods from Los Angeles and beyond.

Here is a look at” Arte Para La Gente, the Collected Works of Margaret Garcia.”

A colorful artwork

This exhibit showcases 75 artworks from 1985 to 2022. With a vibrant palette, Margaret Garcia celebrates her culture, family, and community.

Glorious Day, Echo Park

As she mentioned “[…] I enjoy painting from life because it is love I am painting.”

The artist indicated: “My cultural perspective is a product of my history, heritage, upbringing, environment, spiritual challenges, and desires. All art is an expression of a cultural perspective. My perspective is Chicana. Art is an expression of culture that defines my community. I define Chicana art by creating it. Chicana / o art is American.”

About the artist

Born in Boyle Heights (East Los Angeles) in 1951, Margaret Garcia began as a muralist for the 1984 Olympics Games. She is a prolific painter with collections over the US, South America, and France.

Margaret Garcia

Angelinos, you can enjoy her artworks over the city: in local museums (LACMA, Ventura, Laguna, Glendale, etc..) and outdoor public spaces. As an example of public art, below is one of her murals located at Universal City Metro station. It depicts el Campo de Cahuenga .

Universal City Metro station

“In my discipline of painting, I create art. Being an artist is not simply about creating art but creating community. In my community, I honor individuals through the portrait […].” Margaret Garcia states.


American Dream

It is an iconic image of Los Angeles: street vendors and palm trees. The artist depicts the visible: a fruit vendor watching his phone while waiting for customers, and the non-visible: precarity of immigrants working for the American Dream.

American Dream, 2019

The Stamp Project
In 2010, the artist launched the Stamp Project. She invited local artists to create stamp images for visibility and to empower the cultural community.

The Stamp Project

Look closely at the 44 LA artists who are sharing their causes.

Today the Stamp Project includes more than 88 artists and multiple artworks.

Article based on my visit in January 2022

Ready to explore?

Plan your visit:

Exhibit on view from July 22th , 2022 – June 11th, 2023
Location: LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes, 501 N Main St., Los Angeles, CA 90012
Hours: 12:00 pm-5:00 pm Wednesday-Sunday.
Admission: Free
Duration: I spent 1 hour discovering it.
Parking: paid lot and metered street parking
More information is available at

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