Spotlight Broadway Theater District essential

3 minutes read

Once Broadway Theater District was the center of theaters, movie palaces, and department stores. Memories of this glamorous and shining past live on as you look up (at the buildings). Spot on Broadway essential with a promenade from Bradbury building, Grand Central marketMillion Dollars Theater, Angels Flight and the Last Book store.

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A walk along Hollywood Boulevard

5 minutes read

It is THE pilmigrage for L.A. first-timer visitors, walk over the most glorious Californian strip. Over the years, the glamour faded but the history remains. Let’s reveal some hidden gems and fun facts that define Hollywood Boulevard’s past and present.

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Mentryville: the French oil boomtown

2 minutes read

Mentryville is not like any other ghost town in California. It was the city of the First, and an oil boomtown founded by French immigrant Alex Mentry. Here is its history.

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