Summer Series: Liu Fang Yuan, the Chinese Garden

The Huntington Botanical Gardens Summer Series

Liu Fang Yuan, the Chinese Garden

Waveless Boat (Bu Bo Xiao Ting)

The 3.5 acres soon to be 12 acres Chinese Garden was created in 2008. After its extension in 2020, it will be the largest Chinese-style gardens outside China (total cost estimated $53 million).

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The Huntington Botanical Gardens : Nature Show Time

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Stroll over 120 acres of gardens and marvel at 15,000 different varieties of plants. Welcome to the Huntington Botanical Gardens!

I discover this botanical garden in 2019 and WOW. It is an explosion of colors, diversity, and varieties of flora. Every time I step in, its a new exploration. New paths, new blooming flowers, new hidden spots, new species.

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