Hike Paradise Fall

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A real waterfall in Los Angeles! Paradise Falls trail offers a 40 feet waterfall with a pool, creek, and panoramic view over Thousand Oaks.


– Distance: 2.8 miles loop

– Difficulty: Easy

– Time: 1:00 hour

The trail starts at the Wildwood Park parking lot with a large sandy path. There are some routes to reach Paradise Falls, and I opted for an easy 2.8 miles hike.

Trails are marked with direction signs, so it’s easy to navigate.

Turn left at the first junction and enjoy wildlife.

Turn left at the first junction

Cactus were blooming when I visit.

Quickly you will reach a tepee with a resting area (including benches and a water station). There is a nice view of the mountains and the trails.  Keep right to follow this large descending route.

At the next junction (no sign at this point), continue your descent to the waterfall. Be cautious: this portion of the trail is narrow and steep.

After the last stairs, you will reach Paradise Falls.

Paradise Falls is a 40 feet waterfall with a large pool. How refreshing to find this gem in Los Angeles! Usually, waterfalls are dry due to water scarcity.

Enjoy the beautiful waterfall to relax and take pictures.

The area is small and rocky. You can eventually join the other shore for a different perspective. A few feet down the pool, you will be able to cross the watercourse.

Once you leave the waterfall, retrace your steps until you find the mountainside trail (probably less than ¼ mile from Paradise Falls).

Mountainside trail

This path follows the steam, and you will see Paradise Fall from above. The first portion is narrow, then it will be larger and shaded. Along this trail, there are numerous picnic areas.

View from above

Head upstream and follow the signs. I particularly enjoy this portion of the hike: magnificent oak trees bordering the creek, melodious water, acoustic birds, peaceful and restful field/area.

Finally, cross the water to start the ascent. The path is narrow, and the vegetation is quickly changing as you exit the creek. It’s dried and arid. What a contrast with the lush canyon.

Another waterfall and pool

When you reach a dry field, you will see the main road. It is the final leg of your hike (the parking lot is a few feet away).

Ready to hike Paradise Falls?

Article based on my hikes in May 2021.

*COVID-19 update as of November 2021*

  • Please wear a mask and practice a physical distance of 6 feet between yourself and others
  • Please check L.A County’s health and safety protocols before your walk


Address:  Paradise Falls, Mesa Trail, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

– I recommend hiking early morning to avoid heat

– Park open from 7 AM to dusk

– Parking: free parking at the park.

– Grab water, hiking or tennis shoes, and sun cream

– More information at https://www.crpd.org/park/wildwood-regional-park/

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